Brothers & Sisters

BY expogroup / September 13, 2016

The Expo Group are collecting donations for an organisation called Brothers & Sisters PERTH who assist the homeless.

They are planning a pop up shop on the 2nd October in Northbridge, where people can shop for whatever they please (free of course), and with the utmost dignity.

The donations they require most of are; Blankets, Bedding & Tinned Food, but of course any non-perishable items are welcome including clothing.

We are providing assistance by donating some temporary signage for the pop up shop but most importantly, offering our premises at both 7 Loftus Street Leederville and 991 Hay Street Perth as drop off points where we will provide collection bins.

Donations will be accepted at these locations up until Thursday the 22nd of September to ensure we have enough time to collate and deliver the items.

Please spread the word and share this post as it is truly a great cause for a growing social issue that we, as such a prosperous nation and state, can’t continue turning a blind eye to. Thanks in advance for your support.