Point of Sale Display Ideas

In-store display stands are much more than just temporary designs and structures used in merchandising; they are an opportunity for your business and brand to harness its creativity through structural and graphic design to make a compelling impact on your audience. They are an effective vehicle for meeting your marketing objectives and business goals when appropriately implemented. We have a wealth of retail experience working with some of Perth’s best businesses, offering promotional printing and point of sale displays that captivate the imagination and boost the bottom lines of our business partners.

Read on to find out how you can spruce up your point of sale displays with our proven ideas and tips.

Useful Ideas, Hints & Tips

Point of sale displays range from brochure stands to gift cards and informative display structures. The following ideas will help you maximise the impact of your point of sale display initiatives:

  • Be accessible

Make your point of sale displays approachable, allowing your customers to see, feel and touch. This will increase the likelihood of your customers engaging with the product and perhaps even consider making a last-minute purchase or impulse buy. This approach should, however, be used sparingly in the case of high-value items for security reasons.

  • Less is more

The saying “a needle in a haystack” exists for a reason. It’s not easy to find anything amongst clutter, so make sure that this isn’t the case with your promotional printing. Leave space so that your audience doesn’t have to sift through the noise to find your products or the information you want to share with them while they wait to pay for their shopping.

  • Communicate

When your customers are queuing or are at the point of purchase, they are a captive audience, which means you have an opportunity to communicate and connect with them. Make sure your retail displays feature simple messaging that can be digested easily and remembered or even acted upon.

  • Offer takeaways

Sometimes it’s not about the immediate sale but giving consumers the opportunity to mull over the decision to make a purchase. A great way to achieve this is with bold and attractive brochure stands which have promotional material they can take away with them and read over before committing to the purchase.

  • Prove it

Don’t underestimate the power of relating to your customers. Show your products being used by models who look they could be someone you would meet in the street. It will allow your audience to put themselves in their shoes but also connect with and relate to the products you are offering.

Enlist the Services of Experts

Our broad service offering is perfect for retail and point of sale applications. From brochures, flyers, shelf wobblers, gift cards, and loyalty cards, through to posters, display stands, bespoke packaging, and exhibition displays, the Expo Group will have an industry-specific solution to suit you.

Contact us today and find out why we’re Perth’s leading choice for point of sale material.