Print Solutions

Expo Group’s heritage as a provider of first-class printing services dates back as far as 1939, making us head and shoulders more experienced than our competitors. However, it is not only this wealth of experience as a printing company that sets apart; we are also dedicated to continuously pursuing improvement as a measure of our success. This ensures that each of our clients receives service that brings them a step closer to achieving their specific business goals.

For printing services from a business that has lasted through the ages, due to unrivalled quality, make sure you contact us.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

Maintaining high standards in commercial printing is no mean feat and requires more than meeting today’s demands. We take it upon ourselves to run our business with our feet on the ground, our ears to your needs, and our eyes on the future. A testament to this is the pool of talent we have been able to source and retain. These talented members of staff operate in technologically advanced facilities with access to state-of-the-art equipment and printing machinery.

A Full-Service Print Company – All You Need in One Location

Even if conceptualising is a challenge, we have an innovative design team that is never short of inspiration. This means we can cater to all your needs from one location, saving you time, money, and resources that can be put to better use elsewhere.

We can take virtually any concept from design through to installation and apply it over a wide range of mediums. If quality printing services are what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.

Large Format Print

Large Format Print

Size may not be everything, but when done right it can have an incredible impact. A testament to this is the high-quality large format printing we offer at Expo Group. It allows our clients to produce intricately detailed prints on…
Small Format Print

Small Format Print

Expo Group was established over 80 years ago, in 1939. While the passage of time has been unavoidable and the change in technologies inevitable, our prominence as a printing company in Perth continues. This is because we have moved with…