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Size may not be everything, but when done right it can have an incredible impact. A testament to this is the high-quality large format printing we offer at Expo Group. It allows our clients to produce intricately detailed prints on a much larger scale to arrest the attention of their target audience and ensure their communications are well received. For tried, tested and trusted large format printing in Perth, contact us today.

We would welcome the opportunity to showcase our capabilities in large format print to you at our Welshpool based facility.

What is Large Format Printing?

Also known as wide format printing, large format printing is a popular advertising medium that uses maximum print roll width. These rolls of prints are the canvas for the designs unlike the individual sheets of print found in small format printing.

The sheer size offered by a wide format printer is the charm of the process. It allows designers to bring to life their creative ideas on a larger platform, granting their creative genius freedom and consequently captivating your target market.

Benefits of Large Format Printing

Wide format printing offers a host of benefits due to its ability to reach a large audience cost-effectively:

  • High visibility and reach

The scale which this printing makes possible increases the potential to reach with your target audience. Hence, because of sheer size, your brand will be able to enjoy improved visibility.

  • Versatility

Over and above the larger size available for creative expression, large printing can be done on a variety of different surfaces offering unique versatility and numerous ways to gain the attention of your clients.

  • No wastage

In contrast to more traditional printing methods, wide format printing gives you greater control and flexibility of quantities. This effectively means the days where a surplus was a common occurrence are behind us.

  • Longevity

This format of printing has the scale of size that allows it to be mounted or displayed outside. While ensuring that it is well maintained may be a minor concern, if done correctly, it will offer an effective means of sharing your brand over the duration of a significant amount of time for a relatively low cost.

What we Offer

Using our large format printing facilities in Welshpool, our talented team can design and produce large print jobs for billboards, road signs, digital wallpaper, vehicle wraps and industrial signage. Contact us or visit our Welshpool head office or our Leederville based express print and copy centre to chat to the team about the possibilities for your large format printing job.

We have all your large format print requirements covered.

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