Signage is still as vital as ever to help businesses get their brand noticed and their message understood. A good signage strategy should always be tailored to your audience and should help you achieve your business objectives.

Shop front signs, light boxes, digital signs and banners – the options are immense. That’s why it pays to work with the experts at Expo Group to understand what will work best for you.

As a part of the Jason Signmakers Group the team at Expo Group is able to provide a complete one-stop shop for all your design, signage and printing needs. All manufacturing is done in-house and installation is completed by our professional install crew.

If you’re in need of professional sign makers in Perth, the team at Expo Group would love to show you through the possibilities. Contact us today.

Why Signage in Perth Matters

The part signage plays in supporting the objectives of business is undeniable. Despite the omnipresence of digital communications, there are instances where customers and prospective clients would otherwise never have known about a company or its offerings without signage.

What is the Purpose of Signage?

Professional signs are designed to fulfil one or more common purposes:

  • To promote

Signs can be used to promote a product or service to encourage more purchases.

  • To identify

Signs can be used to identify a business.

  • To provide information

Signs can be used to share specific information. In fact signage can be implemented purely to inform or educate the audience. 

  • To give directions

Signage can be implemented to ensure that onlookers can find their way to a designated location with ease.

  • To improve safety awareness

Signs can be used around a work environment to ensure the safety of stakeholders by minimising the risk of injury and fatality through improved awareness.

Facts & Figures You Should Know

Numbers can tell a story just as well as words, but they don’t lie. The following 3 facts illustrate why signage still plays a pivotal part in the marketing mix of companies today:

  1. On average, signage attracts 50% more customers than newspaper, television and radio
  2. The implementation of signs can increase profits by almost 10%
  3. 35% of your customers know about your local business because they saw a sign about it while passing by.

Benefits of Professional Signs & Creative Signage

  • Exposure

Putting up a sign ensures that your business has excellent visibility in front of new and existing clients which can, in turn, generate more leads, revenue, and ultimately profits.

  • Cost-effective

Signage begins to work from the moment it is put up, which means that year-round, your signage will be raising awareness, encouraging clients to purchase your goods while sharing valuable information about your business. For the most part, signs represent a once-off cost with relatively little need for attention or resources after being set up.

  • Longevity

Signage will continue to work for as long as you deem necessary, giving it almost limitless longevity.

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