Point of Sale Printing

When we refer to Expo Group as a one-stop shop or full-service print company, we mean it. It is no stretch of the imagination and indeed an aspect of our business that sets us apart. Part and parcel of that is the creation and range of point of sale displays we offer. Treating every final product that leaves our business as a business card that showcases the workmanship, quality, and dedication of Expo Group, you can rest assured that when you employ us, you’re getting the best.

Standing the Test of Time

Our experience with printing includes point of sale printing in the retail market providing restaurant POS, retail display and much more. If you need to get a message across clearly and concisely to your customers, then look no further. We have everything you need.

What is a Point of Sale Display?

When a potential customer is at the point of purchase or moments away from paying for the items in their trolley, there is still an opportunity as a business to raise awareness or generate revenue by encouraging a last-minute purchase.

This is the whole premise behind display stands and other point of sale materials. It is a real merchandising tactic that makes the most of the very last opportunity your business has to encourage purchase before a customer leaves a store. Ultimately, this initiative is geared towards generating more revenue. Furthermore, these initiatives are often purchased because they are designed to target potential customers who are waiting to pay and often are best used on items that are predisposed to impulse purchase.

What We Offer

Our broad service offering is perfect for retail display and point of sale applications. From brochure stands and display stands to flyers, loyalty cards and other promotional printing and point of sale material, we have an industry-specific solution to suit you.

Benefits of POS Initiatives

  • They enhance visibility and awareness
  • They are flexible and adaptable
  • They are cost effective
  • They help increase revenues

3 Keys to Effective Point of Sale Initiatives

Promotional printing companies are almost infinite in their numbers, but those that deliver high-quality point of sale printing are few and far between. If you want to make sure you have chosen well among the many point of display companies, their material should consistently possess the following qualities:

  • Captivating creativity

Every store is littered with brightly coloured advertising from competing brands which can often make it difficult to focus or have your attention held by just one brand. That is why effective point of sale display material harnesses the power of creativity to distinguish itself from the noise of the crowd.

  • Be interactive

The same way you are more likely to remember the name of acquaintance simply by shaking their hand is the same way you will more likely remember a brand or product if you engage with it. That is why it is essential to make sure your display is interactive, so it makes not just a good impression but a lasting one.

  • Carry a meaningful message

The words that accompany an inspired design are equally as important and play a critical role in helping to entice a potential customer or encourage engagement. This confirms the importance of the wording and message of a POS promotional material.

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